Тихий мир ностальгии

Burma. 2013. A man stands in the field at sunrise.

Диана Маркосян – армяно-американский фотограф. На её снимках прослеживается связь между памятью и местом. Родившись в Москве, ее семья эмигрировала в США, когда Диана была маленькой. В 2010 году девушка получила степень магистра в Высшей Школе журналистики Колумбийского университета. С тех пор ее работа позволила побывать в самых отдаленных уголках мира. Ее изображения можно найти в таких изданиях, как National Geographic Magazine, The New Yorker и The New York Times.

В своих работах Диана как будто вспоминает свою родину. Снимки хоть и сделаны в различных уголках планеты, они напоминают Россию.

Turkey. 2015. The waters of the Akhurian River trace the border between present-day Turkey and Armenia. The river is a tributary to the Araks, which Armenians crossed over to escape the massacres of 1915.
Armenia. 2014. But that was the past. The man standing across from me didn’t recognize me. I didn’t recognize him either. I felt out of place.
Armenia. 2014. My father said he had been looking for me. He opened a suitcase filled with newspaper clippings, undelivered letters and a shirt for my brother’s future wedding. Items my put aside in hopes of meeting us one day.
Armenia. 2014. When I would ask my mother about him, she would look at me disappointed, «Forget him. He’s gone,» she would say.
Armenia. 2014. This is the closet thing I had to an image of my father. A cut out of him in my mother’s photo album. An empty hole. A reminder of what wasn’t there.
Myanmar. 2013. The Kachin are devout Christians in a predominantly Buddhist Burma. Worshippers at morning mass at St.Francis Savor Church in the Myitkyina.
A mother and child in Ville Bonheur, Haiti, bathe in the sacred Saut d’Eau falls. Ezili Dantò is said to have appeared on a palm tree here in 1849. Father Johann Roten, a Marian scholar, says Mary’s presence in the Caribbean can be traced to the merging of two cultures—Spanish Catholics and pre-Christian Africans—that began in the early 1500s.
Nuns make their way to the chapel at the Oasis of Peace convent in Medjugorje. The convent was shut down by the local bishop, since the Vatican doesn’t recognize Medjugorje as a holy site. The convent now runs independently of a governing body.
Burma. 2013. Monks in their home at sunrise before taking alms.
Russia. 2011. Snezhana Cherpanova, now 14, is a blind orphan at the school for the blind and deaf in the town of Sergiev Posad. Cherpanova is an became an orphan after her mother was killed in a train crash. She spends most of her time learning to cope through special courses and activities, like music.
Burma. 2013. A corn field at sunrise in the Shan state of rural Burma.
Chechnya. 2012. A young Chechen girl wraps a pastel-colored head covering before leaving her home. In modern-day Chechnya, Islam is quickly becoming the cornerstone of identity for youth.
Chechnya. 2012. Half of the girls in the ninth grade at School No 1— in the Chechen village of Serzhen-Yurt — wear a hijab. The head and neck covering is a sharp break from Chechen tradition.
Friday. 10:05-11:15 am.
I ask you to make me breakfast.
You prepare an omelet for us.
We eat it out of a pan, just like you do
when you’re alone.

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